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Women Program development

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3D soccer

My soccer experience by Cleo (32 years old)

I heard about this program 3D Soccer to improve women’s soccer. The principal objective that spoke to me is the desire to create a longstanding club for future generations. My interest further peaked when I learned the local coaching industry were disapproving these methods for their effectiveness in a short time frame. Women’s soccer in South Florida needs 3D soccer; a revitalization of creativity which goes beyond the score board results and is dictated by the synergy developed and the purposeful playing towards craftsmanship rather than reactive response systems.

As a former Division I university soccer player, I am happy to have this continual education by the 3D Soccer club framed in two night practices. The technical drills are beneficial regardless of skills level because even slight adjustments are impactful. Forever in my mind is an afternoon when playing with a more advanced player proffered an intricacy not yet tapped to all of the regulars including myself after already years and years in the sport. We experienced a next level. The beauty in effortlessly combining with others in a play creation is my wish to my teammates and to my adversaries.

In addition, a weekend game is provided to imprint the objectives and to jog the mind in tactical thinking. The full field, 90 minutes game is an intense test to concentration and mastery. The retention and adaptation of the week’s work is witnessed here. The truest statement of a team’s dedication is out there, so by training in the week, a team develops the worthwhile substance to leave an impression. 

I met Stephane and Marc in early 2019 and these coaches are dedicated and versatile as they handle a broader range in age and technical founding than the classic club. Due to prior involvement on my university team, I can attest the knowledge base is rich and the mechanics are on point to the more expansive reasoning within the game’s construct. I witness the improvements in other players and I am very excited for the direction 3D Soccer club is going.

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3D Soccer now in Coconut Creek

For the 1st Time you can join a competitive program in Coconut Creek.

Your girl wants to play on a competitive team ?
Last opportunity this summer for her to learn the needed skills and gain knowledge to have a chance to make a team. 
Don't miss out and be disappointed.

  • We strive to develop players at all levels of play by building and improving skills, confidence, fitness, initiative and a sense of teamwork.  
  • We encourage high standards of sportsmanship and fair play.  
  • We support and promote educational and training opportunities through which players, coaches and others at 3D soccer Based in Coconut Creek, and Tamarac, Coral springs, Boca raton, Margate and Pompano may expand their knowledge and abilities in the great game of soccer.

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3D Soccer School : The unique way to learn fast

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3D International Soccer Coconut Creek competitive program

3D International Soccer School Coconut Creek is a Premier Travel and Youth Development Program based in Coconut Creek, Broward county, Florida. Our comprehensive development program has been developed by our directors (over 50 years of international coaching experience). 3D International Soccer School is a player focused development program that tracks the player's physical, technical, tactical, intellectual and psychological progress. We teach them to play the game and love the process. 3D International Soccer School is committed to establishing a rich soccer environment and culture for players and parents alike.

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Contact Us

3D International Soccer School

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